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Take CTRL of your future

Ctrl Alt Delete is a fulfillment coaching system created to help you find clarity about what you want to do in life but more importantly coaches you on how to get there.
If you aren't sure what you want or perhaps how to get there, I am here to help you figure it out and create a plan to get you moving in the right direction.


1-on-1 Fulfillment Coaching



I offer a custom coaching program created just for you. 

Be whom you are meant to be !


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People Empower is a group of purpose planning individuals exchanging resources and engaging in collaboration to move the needle forward!


Who is TS?

My name is Tricia Sitemere, and I am a wearer of many hats. I love the combination of white and gold together. I’m happiest when I’m at the beach and I’ll eat eggs for dinner just about any day of the week!


I’m a daughter, a sister, a wife, a super proud aunt, and a friend but most importantly, I am wildly PASSIONATE about people and even more so PASSIONATE about living in fulfillment. Daily, I am working towards my own true SELF-ACTUALIZATION. It took SO many years to get to a point in my life where I felt I was really living in my purpose. 


Maybe we share the same story of trying so hard to fit into the molds that other people have set out? Maybe  you want to live in the space that the mold you were created from was just PERFECT for you! How did I personally learn this? By listening to myself more and having more conversations about what I wanted to put out into the world.


TS, The Professional 

I am an experienced and enthusiastic HR professional with a focus in University Recruiting. To date, I have had the opportunity to work for companies such as Workday, Hilti, and Capital One. This is where I worked closely with students to map out a plan for themselves post-graduation.  A lot of time goes into mentoring my candidates in areas of career path & development as well as speaking to various groups of up to 5,000 people internationally on how to be successful by following their passion. I am a proud alum of The University of Texas at Arlington where I completed my BA in Communication: Advertising and English & Simmons University where I earned a Masters in Science Communication Management.


Why I started CTRL ATL Delete? 

Nothing is an overnight success. It took bouncing from event planning, to a call center, to having an almost breakdown around what I was doing with my life to corporate coaching and training and that I hit my sweet spot in HUMAN RESOURCES!


I was at my late dad’s house in rural Nigeria and in the middle of the night in a flurry of messages on WhatsApp with T & K (Hey girls!!), is when it clicked for me. I wanted to help people understand what they were passionate about and help them live a life with more fulfillment. 


I love speaking and working with creatives, professionals, and teams, helping them connect with their passions and purpose, finding new ways to experience fulfillment in life, and move the needle towards self-actualization.


I hope you allow me to share and shape your path and that you find continued joy in your journey. 


Onward and Upward,


I have worked with professionals from......